what happens to our real estate in a divorce?

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Everyone who gets married is hoping for the happily ever after. And then the bottom falls out and you're left with so many emotions and so many questions. 

Divorces are rarely easy, and very few end with zero disputes over major assets. For most relationships, the biggest shared assets are related to real estate. Whether the marital home or investment property, those going through divorce often want to know, “what happens to real estate in a divorce?”

Divorce will shake your very foundations because of the changes it brings, especially when considering whether to sell your family home or not. Deciding on selling depends on your answers to the following questions that you and your soon to be Ex can answer. Or you may need to consult with an attorney:

  • Does it make sense to hold it jointly with your Ex?
  • Can you keep paying mortgage and maintenance?
  • How long would you live in the house if you keep it?
  • What or how much would you give up to keep it?
  • Are you willing to sign up for any tax consequences if you’d keep it?

But then, if neither can afford to buy out the other nor any of you wants to stay in the home, you may want to proceed by putting the property up for sale. 

If your decision is to sell the home, our team is sensitive to divorce situations as it effects all involved. We're here to help make the transition as stress free as possible.

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